March 29, 2016


Family: You need rest. You're always doing something.
Me: Because I need to maximize my time during good days.

FriendWhy do you read so much?
Me: To temporarily escape. Get lost in someone else's world. I seriously cannot function w/o fiction.

It is so simple. The world would be so much better if more people read books than read social media timelines. Focus on the words of a page rather someone else's pic or status update. Put the iPhone down and experience life!

As a migraineur, there are days that I cannot pick up a book and read because my fingers are numb and my vision is blurry. I couldn't turn a page if I wanted to. I can't go outside and feel the sun on my brown skin because light hurts. The only moves I can make are to and from the toilet because nausea. So heck yeah on the days I am migraine-free, I cram in everything I want and need to do. I multi-task like a muh'fucka. I try to live my BEST day.

"I want my whole life to only be highlights."


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