March 8, 2016


"So she's sitting there trying to read me. That's the only way we can have a conversation now." ~ pg. 95

I've come to realize my TBR pile will never get low. As long as good writers write, publishers still graciously provide advance copies in exchange for honest reviews, authors choose to self-publish, fellow book bloggers and bookhearts recommend good books, magazines keep book columns and Goodreads continue awards every year. I discovered Untwine through a few of these channels. The title kept popping up. Finally when I had a break in my review schedule, I sat down and got all the way into Untwine.

Giselle and Isabelle are 16-year-old identical twins. They are beyond close; think same thoughts, finish each other's sentences and communicate non-verbally. They were born holding hands with the doctor needing to untwine their tiny fingers. They are each other's emotional support as their parents are considering divorce. Then a tragic accident tears them apart.

Giselle wakes up in a hospital room, severely injured, unable to move or speak. Trapped in her own body, she revisits the past and draws upon memories to try and figure out what happened to her twin sister, parents and friends. Readers are taken along her journey to recovery.

Untwine is an extraordinary tale of hope, love, loss, memories and family bonds. It is a fictional literary reminder that our strength and faith keep us going when we think there is nothing to live for. I recommend Untwine to bookhearts interested in reading about real life themes.

Title: Untwine
Author: Edwidge Danticat
Published: September 2015
Pages: 303
Edition: Hardcover
Challenge: Popsugar Book with a Blue Cover
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


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