April 21, 2016

And You're The Reason Why 'Cause You...

A three-year-old brown girl is over-the-moon excited to enter a movie theatre. It is her first time ever seeing a movie on the big screen. The smell of popcorn overwhelms the air. Her parents hold her hands, one on each side, as they walk to their seats. Strangers compliment the parents on how well-behaved the little girl is and how pretty she looks. The little girl smiles and settles into her seat. She smooths the lace on her custom-made Gabby's Originals purple dress and matching hair bow sewn by her mom. The theatre goes dark as the opening scene of Purple Rain begins. The little girl is introduced to "The Kid."

For months afterward, this little girl will sing songs from Purple Rain to anyone who will listen. She will re-enact scenes and the hand movements to I Would Die 4 U in the mirror repeatedly. It doesn't matter where she is or who is around. She just wants to share the feeling of good music.

That little girl was me. I have been jamming to Prince for over 30 years. My all-time-favorite song to infinity is by Prince. Purple Rain is still one of my favorite movies. I am blessed to have seen him in concert, back when he still performed the more racy songs in his catalog and gyrated on stage with his signature purple guitar, mic and piano. To hear and see The Great Purple One live was an experience. He was skilled in songwriting and played all 27 instruments on his first few albums. He created the pop-funk genre. He was an advocate for artists' rights. Musical and style innovation to the nth degree. He was a prime example of individuality. He could give a mean side-eye and a genuine smile the next minute. Listen...Prodigy Prince had ALL the talents.

To call Prince a music icon is an understatement. His music leaves quite the impression. If I am feeling a strong emotion—be it ecstatic, erotic, in mourning, upset, triumphant, relaxed, melancholy, in bliss, nonchalant or indifferent—there is always a Prince song to match my mood. Make me happy when I'm sad; make me good when I am bad. That is the art of a musical genius.

Some say laughter is the best medicine. I say music heals. So thank you, Prince Rogers Nelson, for being the soundtrack to so many days of my life.

Dearly beloved 
We are gathered here today 
To get through this thing called 'life'
Electric word, life 
It means forever and that's a mighty long time
But I'm here to tell you 
There's something else
The afterworld
A world of never ending happiness
You can always see the sun, day or night



  1. Beautiful loving tribute to Prince . I remember the day as if it was yesterday ... You learned "biblical scriptures" to Prince music ! He's gone but will never be forgotten ...

  2. Just love this LM and Gabby :) A life changing experience!