April 6, 2016

This Is Where It Ends

"If it were my decision, I'd make straight for the auditorium to convince myself this is a joke we happened to be on the wrong side of—convince myself this is a normal Monday morning." ~ pg. 46 Tomas

Told over the span of 55 minutes from four different perspectives and social media posts, is the story of a school shooting. Everyone fears the boy with the gun looking for revenge. For the students at Opportunity High School, it is about survival from 10:00 a.m. when the principal ends her new semester welcome speech to 10:03 a.m. when the doors of the auditorium are locked to 10:05 a.m. when someone starts shooting until 10:55 a.m.

"I know the difference between a microphone and a starting gun and a semiautomatic. I've seen death." ~ pg. 83 Claire

I sat down trying to write this review three times. This should be the charm, right? Yet I have the same speechless feeling and blank look on my face as when I read the last words of this novel. And it's been more than a couple weeks since I finished reading it. I can't even find the right reaction gif.

"Instead, she's reduced to an example, a statistic." ~ pg. 109 Autumn

Like the chalk on the book cover or like chalk on a sidewalk from an old game of hop-scotch, the writing is still there. The memory of the emotionally-charged characters and the well-written event is still with me. This Is Where It Ends is an unforgettable dark-themed story from beginning to end.

"Getting out alive is no longer the goal—not dying yet is." ~ pg. 121 Sylv

I truly have no other words for this review other than to recommend This Is Where It Ends for young mature high-school and college students. If Columbine didn't directly affect you or you're too young to remember it, then maybe this novel will help bring the problem of school shootings to the forefront. Hopefully spending one sitting—cause that is really all it will take—reading this novel will bring awareness. Treat the classmate sitting next to you with respect. Stay bonded with your siblings. Younger generations, do not feel alone.

Title: This Is Where It Ends
Author: Marieke Nijkamp
Published: January 2016
Pages: 285
Edition: Hardcover
Challenge: Popsugar YA Bestseller
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♡


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