April 3, 2016

Series Sunday: Sistah Speak Choice Awards

(1st Annual Speaky Award) 

Special Series Sunday is a new meme hosted by Literary Marie (Sistah LM). I encourage all of my fellow podcast hosts to play along.
  • Listen to an episode of a podcast series.
  • Share your review/recommendation below.
  • Include the podcast title and episode info.

My Special Series Sunday pick is the 1st Annual Sistah Speak Choice Awards by Sistah Speak Podcast Network. The results are in! Listen to the Sistahs announce winners here.

And the Speaky goes to...

  1. Favorite Keeping it Real Moment on Television
  2. Favorite Display of Taco Meat on Television
  3. Favorite Adult Beverage While Watching Television
  4. Favorite Series on Television
  5. Favorite Female Character on Television
  6. Favorite Male Character on Television
  7. Worst Wig on Television
  8. Trickiest Trick Ho on Television
  9. Trickiest Trick Dick on Television
  10. Favorite Big Brother Podcast
  11. Favorite Game of Thrones Podcast
  12. Favorite The Walking Dead Podcast
  13. Favorite Twitter Hashtag of the Year
  14. Favorite Sistah Speak Feedback of the Year
  15. Sistah Speak Family Member of the Year
  16. Favorite Sistah Speak Rant of the Year
  17. Favorite Quote/Phrase from a Sistah
  18. Favorite Off Topic Subject on a Sistah Speak Episode

Podcast: Sistah Speak Podcast Network
Co-Hosts: Sistah A, Sistah J, Sistah K and Sistah LM
Date: April 1, 2016
Time: 1 Hour, 5 Minutes

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