April 13, 2016

Once Upon a Sunday

"I figured that just about everybody and their mamas would be shouting, 'Hosanna, Hosanna' inside of church walls instead of out here, gazing up at the sky with different shades of color that looked as if a painter had perfectly sketched it." ~ 62%

Once Upon a Sunday is a short story that takes place during Easter weekend. It begins on a Good Friday with not so good news; Melinda is let go from her job. She was once a stylish, outgoing and put together lady but now she isn't a pleasure to be around. Burdened and embarrassed, she decides to wait until Easter Sunday to tell her mom the bad news. Eventually, Melinda tries to find her way back to the Lord.

I usually don't read Christian fiction but this was a short story with a good message. It was a literary reminder of all He has done for us.

Title: Once Upon a Sunday
Author: Renee Ashley McCoy
Published: April 2015
Pages: 66
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥♥♡


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