August 11, 2016

Ex-Book Bourgeois

There was a time when I didn't use the public library at all. I had to own every single book I read and add it to my personal collection. Then came this petty thing called cost of living. The price of books increased to over $25 for a hardcover new release. Even eBooks cost an average of $7.99 each. So not too long ago, I took my bourgeois arse to the local public library and became a patron.

I still have a bookish quirk where I only borrow new releases from the library. I prefer to be the book's first reader. I have to be the first or second patron to touch the pages; otherwise I will not borrow it. The thought of someone else's germs in between pages still gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Thanks to good record-keeping, my public library gives me an estimate of how much I saved by using the library rather than buying books at list price. In 2014, I saved $190.55! Clearly I was just getting into the library groove. Now I am seasoned on library hauls. In 2015, I saved $814.60! I cannot wait to see how much I saved this year by using the library; so use yours!



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  1. I have started using the library more, too. Also, since most of my library is now in storage, I am using audiobooks and ebooks. I never thought about how much money I was saving by using the library. Great post! :)