August 28, 2016

Series Sunday: Sistah Speak on Inside Pop Podcast

Series Sunday is a meme hosted by Literary Marie (Sistah LM). I encourage all of my fellow podcast hosts to play along.
  • Listen to an episode of a podcast series.
  • Share your review/recommendation below.
  • Include the podcast title and episode info.

The Sistahs had such an amazing time at Podcast Movement 2016 and the Sistah Speak First Annual Family Reunion. In fact, I am still in a blissful hangover.

We were asked to join the Inside Pop Podcast with hosts Amita Patel and Sean David Johnson. We had a great time discussing pop culture including our Big Sells - Sistah Style. In Episode 41, the Sistahs were interviewed; Episode 42 features the first of our four Big Sells. Listen here to learn how I made history on Inside Pop!

Make it a Sistahs weekend! Visit our new website Sistah Speak Productions!

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