August 23, 2016

The Couple Next Door

"Each tries to pretend for the other." ~ 52%

No babysitter? No problem; just leave the baby at home. Anne and Marco make the foolish decision to leave their baby Cora home alone while they attend a party next door. They come back home to the front door ajar and an empty crib. It appears Cora has been taken.

Anne blames herself. Yes, it was Marco's idea to leave the baby alone but she agreed. Now they look very suspicious. The family starts to unravel and question one another. With a relentless detective on the case, layers of lies and complicated truths are revealed.

"The parents have just become his prime suspects." ~15%

Captivating. Spinning. Suspenseful. Character development. Well woven mystery. Just when I thought I had the story all figured out—like whodunnit, why and how—the author threw another curveball in. The couple times I put the book down, I was thinking about what would happen next. How crazier than cray will it get?

I dare not compare it to that other #1 psychological thriller but it was pretty damn close. I would very much like to see The Couple Next Door on the big screen someday soon. In the meantime, I will recommend this book to anyone who listens.

Happy Pub Day, Shari Lapena! The Couple Next Door is available today. Get your copy, bookhearts!

Disclaimer: This book was received directly from the publisher for review purposes only. In no way does it influence my review. The opinions I have expressed are honestly my own and would be the same if I spent my hard-earned coins.

Title: The Couple Next Door
Author: Shari Lapena
Published: August 2016
Pages: 320
Edition: Galley
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


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