August 30, 2016

My Voice: A Memoir

"Angie Martinez is cut from the original cloth. This is the cloth they used before they realized the new stuff was cheaper and more cost efficient. This cloth is more honest, more curious, more genuine. This cloth is much more thankful to even have the opportunity and less afraid to lose it." ~ pg. 8

I cannot function without fiction; however, I heart memoirs. There is something about the storytelling of one's life in his/her own words. Life lessons are told. Experiences are shared. Secrets are revealed. There is no element of lies, only true memories.

I remember the first time I really noticed Angie Martinez. Living in Detroit, I did not have access to the radio show she hosted in New York: Hot 97. I could not tune in to the "Voice of New York" everyday. But then I heard a hot opening verse on the single Ladies Night. It must be Angie on the mic! Here is this woman that not only ruled radio hosting, nailed high-profile interviews with artists, addressed controversial issues in the music community, built credibility and a genuine friendship with my fave (HOV) and now she is an artist herself. An international hip-hop radio icon!

"Sometimes you have to shake shit up to get forward motion." ~ pg. 202

How exciting to read her cleverly titled memoir: My Voice. Angie Martinez's words and essays are more than a hip-hop tell-all like some may assume. She elaborates on her trailblazing journey as a minority in the radio industry. In addition, her story really inspired me. Angie Martinez had the ambition and bravery to end one chapter of her life and begin another, to enter unknown territory and take a leap of faith. I have personally pondered making a life-changing decision. I read My Voice: A Memoir at the right time. I have more respect for Angie Martinez now than ever and remain a fan. Well done!

Title: My Voice: A Memoir
Author: Angie Martinez
Published: May 2016
Pages: 233
Edition: eBook
Challenge: Bookish Kill Your TBR—Read Diversely
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


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