March 2, 2017

Lent Goals

Let me start off by saying I am still wiping the sugar crumbs off from a warm paczki. Thank God for Fat Tuesday. Now it is Thursday and we are two (2) days into Lent.

No, I am not Catholic. But I am a Christian member of the Worldwide Church of Snuggie and give tithes to Bedside Baptist. Lent is a sacred time to clear my mind and rid myself of any toxins or negativity. During Lent, I remove things from my life that prevent me from concentrating on my spiritual journey. It is a matter of discipline and a true test of faith.

In previous years, I chose to give up Pepsi or frivolous shopping. This year will be a challenge with a goal. Again, a true test of faith! I am giving up unnecessary spending. This includes fast food, desserts, shoes, clothing, jewelry, books, magazines, accessories, anything I want but do not need. Every time I have an urge to buy something that is a non-necessity, I will transfer the amount it would've cost to my savings account. For example, I was one click away from downloading an eBook today. Instead, I transferred that $6.99 to my savings account. I paid myself, not Amazon. Yesterday, I so wanted to buy a new charm bangle. I said a quick prayer for strength and transferred that money into savings instead. Through this Lent, my goal is to save at least $400 in 40 days. Pray for me!

For those also participating in Lent, please share what you are giving up and goals.


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