March 24, 2017

Like Cranes in the Sky

Nothing like a half-birthday to put things into perspective. If there is ever a song to accurately describe my now, it is Solange's Cranes in the Sky. I try to keep my mind occupied, busy with multi-tasking when I really just need to chill. I try to stay informed but digesting too much information is exhausting. I try to read it away but fiction is only a temporary escape. And I will be broke if I continue with retail therapy.

Add that to the migraine I've had for the past 67 hours and counting. I'm almost to the 3-day limit and scheduled for treatment this Monday. Tis is the Life of a Migraineur. Please keep me in your thoughts.

So I am taking a few weeks away from blogging—and a lotta bit away from social media—until my head is clearer. Until the metal clouds are no longer looming above, obstructing my view. Until the pain is completely gone. Will miss you...and you..and you too. ♠♥


1 comment:

  1. I think that this song is probably my favorite song on her album. I hope you are doing well. <3