March 14, 2017

Lover: A Novel

"What do you call it when you realize something bit by bit? It's an epiphany if it comes all at once in a rush but what do you call it when you work something out over a period of time?" ~ 86%

There are 84 emails between Adam and Louise Phelps. Of course not everything is mentioned but enough for Kate to realize her husband has been chasing another woman. Ten years of marriage and two children later, a line of communication has turned Kate's world upside down. Through repetitive actions, thorough research and a mild level of drama, Kate gives readers a look into her psyche while figuring out who her husband really is.

"Like my husband who, I now realize, left long before he was gone." ~ 32%

I wanted, I did...roll my eyes and say aloud, "Lady, chill!" What an annoying beat-a-dead-horse-in-the-name-of-closure main character she was. How many times can a person relive a bad experience? How many times can a wife question her adulterous husband about the same affair? She drove herself—and me, the reader—crazy! I just wanted her to move on already. The character once said that her thoughts made rooms; I wish they would've locked her out. This took away from what could have been a good book about a crumbling marriage in the aftermath of an affair.

Lover was published on March 7, 2017. I recommend you pass on this one.

Disclaimer: This book was received directly from the publisher for review purposes only. In no way does it influence my review. The opinions I have expressed are honestly my own and would be the same if I spent my hard-earned coins.

Title: Lover: A Novel
Author: Anna Raverat
Published: March 2017
Pages: 336
Edition: Galley
Rating: ♥♡


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