September 12, 2017

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

"Since we can't get reparations, we will make it up in toppings. I want provolone cheese and cucumbers and spinach and lettuce and red onions and tomatoes, olives and banana peppers and giardiniera. I need the chipotle southwest sauce and the ranch, and extra meat, but I don't want you to charge me for it."  

Bitches Gotta Eat blogger and comedian, Samantha Irby, brings her comic to essay form. In We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, she talks about her childhood, ghosts of the past and emotional truths. No one is exempt in her tales either, such as her estranged father and awkward sexual encounters with her significant other. Poking fun is an understatement!

"fuck it, bitch. stay fat." ~ pg. 143

LISSEN. Samantha Irby spoke to me. She knows my life. I nodded my head in agreement and literally LOL'ed while reading this. Albeit, there were a couple chapters that I skimmed because they weren't as entertaining but we probably never will meet in real life so it's not like she'll quiz me on it. Anyway, what a perfect title for this collection of funny ass essays. Bookhearts, I will not steer you wrong. Add this book to your TBR! It is great to read when you just have to laugh.

Title: We Are Never Meeting in Real Life
Author: Samantha Irby
Published: May 2017
Pages: 288
Edition: Paperback
Challenge: Popsugar—A Book With a Cat on the Cover
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤


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