March 25, 2020

The Overwhelming Event

Everybody vs. The RONA

Most states have issued a shelter-in-place. It is not a suggestion; it is an order. Please take it seriously. Whether you are an introvert loving the opportunity to do what you already do, or an extrovert climbing the walls with nothing to do, I have compiled a list of fitty-lem ideas. Yes, I sat down and created this long ass list—all of which I plan on doing myself during quarantine—so you don't have to. Let's stay home!

  1. Read a book.
  2. Write letters.
  3. Call distant relatives.
  4. Organize photos.
  5. Start dream journal.
  6. FaceTime friends.
  7. Binge-watch TV.
  8. Listen to podcasts.
  9. Take a Masterclass.
  10. Wash your hands!
  11. Play Monopoly.
  12. Play Spades or Uno.
  13. Update your goals.
  14. Re-arrange furniture.
  15. Revamp your website.
  16. Create music playlists.
  17. Write quotes on a post-it.
  18. Update/create vision board.
  19. Plan next vacation.
  20. Stop touching face!
  21. Take daily naps.
  22. Reorganize closets.
  23. Research a charity.
  24. Write a short story.
  25. Start your novel.
  26. Start a donation pile.
  27. Delete phone apps.
  28. Find a therapist.
  29. Make homemade gifts.
  30. Disinfect all hard surfaces.
  31. Take your time and shave.
  32. Create a realistic wish list.
  33. Scrub your phone contacts.
  34. Gather tax documents.
  35. Sort and clean jewelry.
  36. Host a virtual dance party.
  37. Join a virtual happy hour.
  38. Clean fridge/freezer/cabinets.
  39. Brainstorm ways to hustle.
  40. Make alcohol-based sanitizer.
  41. Draw in adult coloring book.
  42. Stand and admire self in mirror.
  43. Explore homes for sale online.
  44. Compare insurance quotes.
  45. Take care of mental health.
  46. Set a budget and cut spending.
  47. Practice language in Duolingo.
  48. Download three (3) credit reports.
  49. Pamper (facial/pedicure/massage).
  50. Deep-condition hair or beard.
  51. Stay Home. Stay Well. Save Lives.

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