May 28, 2013

Quotes from Assata "She Who Struggles" Shakur "The Thankful"

Instead of writing a full review on Assata Shakur's autobiography, I am sharing a few quotes from the book. Think about the meaning of her words.

"We usually reach success by putting the simple truths that we know into practice." ~ pg. 201

"My roots run deep. I have been nourished well." ~ pg. 194

"I was tired of being grown and I wanted to be a kid again." ~ pg. 117
"But we are grown up now. And it is all so complicated when you dig somebody." ~ pg. 44

"Black women have been struggling and helping each other to survive the blows of life since the beginning of time. ~ pg. 17
"Each day was my last day on Earth. Each night was my last. After a while, I became accustomed." ~ pg. 10

Title: Assata: An Autobiography
Author: Assata Shakur (slave name Joanne Chesimard)
Published: November 1999
Pages: 274
Edition: PDF
Rating: ♥♥♥

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