September 21, 2016

#KillYourTBR2016 September

  • Let's Play Make Believe ~ Two fresh divorcees don't believe in love at first sight but their first date becomes an intense game of make-believe. I didn't expect ANY of the twists in this book. Lots of suspense!
  • If I Did It ~ Supposedly this book is confessions from the killer, O.J. Simpson. This nig...
  • The McCullagh Inn in Maine ~ A woman escapes to Maine with a gun and fresh bruises. Her plans are to start anew until she runs into an ex. Romance mixed with cozy mystery made this easy to read in a few hours.
  • The Witnesses ~ A family is forced into hiding at a safe house because one of them stumbled upon a criminal plot. This was my least favorite BOOKSHOT. Not very gripping and the mystery was revealed in literally one sentence. I understand it is a short story but damn, elaborate a little.
  • 113 Minutes ~ This short eBook starts off with the murder of a teenage boy. His mom knows exactly who is responsible and takes the law into her own hands. The story abruptly takes off after page one and doesn't stop until page 144. My Pepsi can outlasted this story. That's how fast I read it!
  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things ~ This short book promises to pull readers in from the very first page and never let go. Probably because the best parts are the first sentence and the last scene. Seriously! That's it. Now I see why other reviews were not informative; it is hard to review without spoiling the story so just read it...or don't.
  • When You Reach Me ~ Four mysterious letters change a girl's life. But who are they from? And why do the letters include things that haven't even happened yet? Can a tragic death be prevented? On my TBR since it was published in 2009 and I finally get a chance to read it.
  • Trump vs. Clinton: In Their Own Words ~ Never would I have imagined bestselling author James Patterson writing a book about politics, let alone "everything you need to know to vote your conscience" in only 95 pages. It releases next Tuesday, September 27. I'll reserve my side-eye until I've read it. 

September is my most well-read month ever! BOOKSHOTS were perfect for this monthly challenge at less than 150 pages each. If you are interested in joining this challenge with me, visit Bookish for the deets. Share your progress using #KillYourTBR2016 on social media.


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