September 7, 2016

The Memory Book

"...but just let me write this, I just want you to remember this, Future Sam." ~ pg. 318

Can you imagine how it feels to start forgetting things? To be told your memory will never be the same? Sammie is a girl with a plan: graduate as valedictorian and go to college. But due to a rare genetic disorder, doctors say Sammie will start to lose her memory and health. So Sammie begins the Memory Book: notes to her future self documenting small and big memories.

The Memory Book also records her first date, her longtime crush, her childhood best friend, her school debate competitions and guest posts from family and friends. Written in journal format, The Memory Book is the story of a brave, intelligent young girl living the life she never planned.

I recommend The Memory Book if you are in the mood for a heartfelt story. Bookhearts, be warned: you WILL tear up.

Title: The Memory Book
Author: Lara Avery
Published: July 2016
Pages: 357
Edition: Hardcover
Challenge: Bookish Kill Your TBR—Read Consecutively
Rating: ♥♥♥♡


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