May 18, 2011

Between Bookshelves Lie Ghosts

Haunting JasmineDivorcee Jasmine "Bippy" needs a break from investment managing and from L.A. She returns home to Shelter Island to run her fragile aunt Ruma's bookstore for a month. But nobody warned her she has to sleep in the attic, care for the house, and babysit the dusty books. Nor did anyone tell her the bookstore is haunted.

It's hard for Jasmine to adjust in Shelter Island. Her BlackBerry doesn't receive a signal. Espresso, wifi, and other comfortable luxuries are not available in the old bookstore. Instead of bestsellers on display, there are used classics by Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. There is only Tony, a devoted co-worker, and Connor Hunt, an internal medicine doctor visiting the island often browsing the bookshelves. Pushing a major work presentation to the side, Jasmine concentrates on restoring her broken heart. Guided by the voices of deceased classic authors, she becomes someone new.

This was a great choice for the Colorful Chick Lit challenge and for ICLM. There are classic literary quotes and references to classic authors. I especially liked that the main character was Bengali. Did you know white is the color of mourning to Bengalis? Have you ever tasted mango chutney, fish curry, or curried potato and cauliflower? I drooled while reading about the tasty greatness of roshagollas (breadlike balls of pastry dipped in syrup). If the book cover alone doesn't entice you to pick this up, then the food references will! Or maybe it's just my greedy nature. :)


Title: Haunting Jasmine
Author: Anjali Banerjee
Published: February 2011
Pages: 207
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥

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