May 7, 2011

From Bestseller to Box Office

There are so many books coming to the big screen. Here are a few that I'm looking forward to. What books turned to film are you anxious to see?

Something BorrowedSomething Borrowed opened in theaters yesterday, May 6. I am uber excited to see this movie, as it is one of my all-time favorite books. If the movie does really well, then the sequel Something Blue will start shooting. To contribute to its opening weekend box office numbers, I planned to see it either last night or today. Unfortunately, I'm overbooked and won't have the time, but I made plans with a friend to see it next Saturday. Tell your friends, read the book, and go see the chick flick too. You'll even spot the author in the film since Emily Giffin has a cameo. Watch the trailer here.

29: A NovelAdena Halpern, author of 29: A Novel, tweeted great news yesterday. Twentieth Century Fox chose Ellen Rapoport to pen the adaptation of 29: A Novel. It is such a cute story of a 75-year-old woman who wishes to be 29 years old again. Be careful what you wish for because hers came true. Read my review here.

Bestseller, The Help, is a much anticipated film starring Viola Davis, Aunjanue Ellis and Cicely Tyson. It takes place in Mississippi during the 1960s. Young white socialite Skeeter returns from college and decides to write a book about the influential black women who took care of southern families. The black maids fear retribution for working on such a book, but still decide to help hoping their experiences will help change segregation. Much to the small town's dismay, Skeeter develops a friendship with two maids. Check out the movie trailer below.

On a related side note, a woman named Ablene Cooper is suing the author, Kathryn Stockett, for $75,000 in damages claiming she was the basis for the character Aibileen Clark. Ms. Cooper worked as a maid for the author's brother. Both women have a gold tooth. Both women lost a son. A lot of coincidences in my opinion. Kathryn's own brother, Robert Stockett III, agrees! Despite the similarities between real-life Ablene Cooper and fictional character Aibileen Clark, the author maintains that The Help is a work of fiction only. I'll know something if a real-life Minny (the other maid) comes out of the woodwork. It'll be interesting to see how the lawsuit turns out.


  1. Applause !!!!! I have got to be there watching with Popcorn , sweet tarts and a ice cold Pepsi along with my Literary side kick. Interesting "side note" I'd love to see how that pan out. Hello my name is Minny ...

  2. Yes! I see double features, popcorn, and Pepsi in our future. You know how we do, Chickadee. *wink*

    LOL @ Minny's intro