May 1, 2011

International Chick Lit Month

May is International Chick Lit Month. Click the banner above for more deets and giveaways. It is brought to you by Chicklit Club, Chick Lit is Not Dead, and Novelicious.

Everyone has their own definition of "chick lit." Contrary to popular belief, chick lit is not all fluff and light-hearted. It is fiction written by women, for women. It focuses on issues that everyday women face. Some chick lit will make you laugh out loud, while others may make you shed a tear. It's usually romantic, fashionable, and all things girly. That's how I define my favorite genre. What say you?

To celebrate, I am reading and reviewing majority chick lit this month. You may view my selections on the top and right bookshelves. As a reminder, linger your mouse over the book cover for a brief summary of each book.

What do you love about chick lit? Who are your fave chick lit authors? How do you plan to celebrate this month? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Happy Chick Lit Reading!


  1. oh wild, i have one of my favorite authors i'm featuring for the entire month. but i will include a page for 'chick lit'. I do love me so 'chick lit too'!!
    i always wondered what define chick lit from regular fiction about women and i found this definition.

    Chick lit is a genre comprised of books that are mainly written by women for women. The books range from having main characters in their early 20’s to their late 60’s. There is usually a personal, light, and humorous tone to the books. Sometimes they are written in first-person narrative; other time they are written from multiple viewpoints. The plots usually consist of women experiencing usual life issues, such as love, marriage, dating, relationships, friendships, roommates, corporate environments, weight issues, addiction, and much more.

    So how does that differ from regular woman’s fiction, you might be wondering? Well, it’s all in the tone. Chick lit is told in a more confiding, personal tone. It’s like having a best friend tell you about her life. Or watching various characters go through things that you have gone through yourself, or witnessed others going through. Humor is a strong point in chick lit, too. Nearly every chick lit book I have read has had some type of humor in it. THAT is what really separates chick lit from regular woman’s
    another definition of Chick Lit is:
    To define the genre in the most general way, chick lit features a female protagonist whose womanhood is heavily thematized in the plot mostly told from a personal side.
    So every novel about a woman does not classify as Chick Lit. it just a fiction novel about a woman.

    Chick lit has a woman as the protaganist, reads like the protaganist is talking/narrating, the woman faces life issues in the novel and usually written by a woman.
    I recently read: Left At the Alter, I'm going to post this one under my Chick Lit page,
    thanks for sharing this, Literary Marie

  2. Thanks for sharing this celebration with readers. I have one of my favorite authors as a monthly feature this month but i will include a page for celebrating Chick Lit. Happy reading Literary Marie