May 23, 2011

Make-Believe Man

Imaginary MenLina Ray is a single 29-year-old matchmaker. Her ex-fiance died; she's in no rush to find another match. At her younger sister's wedding, Lina tries her best to dodge questions from the family. The pressure to marry her off is so strong, that Lina invents an imaginary fiance. He's a tall dark man who travels a lot. Now her family is ecstatic and insists on planning the days-long wedding. 

Lina is up to her push-up bra in tradition. Growing up in America, she only knows few Bengali words and doesn't practice Hinduism. She doesn't even want to marry Indian. Planning gets out of control when her Aunt comes to America specifically to meet this imaginary man. Luckily with her matchmaking business of pairing American born Indian women with their princes, she meets Raja. He slides into the role of make-believe man.

This was another quick read for the Colorful Chick Lit Challenge and in honor of ICLM. The main character is Bengali so I learned a few more things about that culture. Overall, it was a cute story with a classic chick lit ending.

Title: Imaginary Men
Author: Anjali Banerjee
Published: October 2005
Pages: 172
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥

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