December 12, 2018


Look at this book cover! Look at that beautiful toned black skin! This is what first drew me to download Harlem, a short story by Eric Jerome Dickey. Although it was previously published in an anthology in 2006, it is now available as an eBook for only $0.99.

"If you were religious, you could call them a recurring set of visions. So I called them nightmares." ~ 10%

A black man is not expected to live to see 25 years old. Self-dubbed "Harlem" is already 23 and counting down his days. He gets sent to an asylum after getting off a murder charge due to insanity plea. To him, this feels worse than regular prison or even death. The only thing getting him through is a beautiful nurse named Daphane.

Harlem convinces Daphane to help him escape. He can free her from an abusive marriage and he, in turn, can be freed from the asylum. What unfolds next is a surprising spill of deadly secrets.

This super quick read can be read in a jaw-dropping few minutes. EJD can deliver in a 30-page or 400-page book, okurrrr!

Title: Harlem
Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
Published: November 2018
Pages: 32
Edition: eBook
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤


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