December 11, 2018

My Sister, the Serial Killer

"Why should her hands be clean, while mine become more and more stained?" ~ pg. 102

Big sisters take care of little sisters. Big sister Korede takes this mantra to heart. She looks after little sister, Ayoola, in many things despite her bitterness. Ayoola is said to be prettier and Ma's favorite but behind closed doors, she is a sociopath while Korede does the clean-up. Cleaning of what, you ask? Blood. Dead bodies. Evidence. Social media posts. And now Ayoola's third boyfriend in a row is dead. You know what that means?

"Three and they label you a serial killer."

I shy away from books with broken language or heavy dialect. It is too distracting when my purpose of reading is to relax, not to stumble over words and continuously look up pronunciations. Although this novel focuses on a Nigerian woman, I was not deterred from the dialogue or writing style. It was easy to read and follow. The chapters are very short. My only negative is the beginning started off with such a bang that the middle of book seemed to drag. It could've been paced a bit better. But the size of the hardcover was perfect to carry around, allowing me to read at every free moment.

Wait—I lied. There is another petty negative: the page numbers were in a weird design—making it harder for me to determine which page I'm on. Hence, less status updates on Goodreads. My gripes aren't enough to dissuade bookhearts from reading this debut. Get it. Read it in public. Flaunt the cover art. Join the social media frenzy #MySisterTheSerialKiller. Enjoy the side-eyes when people see the title of book you're reading. Most of all, show your support for an author of color.

Title: My Sister, the Serial Killer
Author: Oyinkan Braithwaite
Published: November 2018
Pages: 226
Edition: Mini Hardvcover
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤


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