December 29, 2018

My Year in Blogmoir

Blogmoir: A memoir in blog format of events and people in this fuckery called life.
02.01.2018 I Love My Blackness
02.20.2018 Meet the Parents
03.21.2018 Top Off
04.19.2018 She Bad
06.20.2018 Let it Breathe
08.28.2018 313
09.16.2018 Name Day
10.30.2018 V O T E
11.06.2018 Uproar

Life of a Migraineur: Share moments of my life with migraines.
04.19.2018 She Bad
06.06.2018 Wouldn't Leave
06.14.2018 Whole Lotta L
12.06.2018 What's Free
12.18.2018 Fanotlettinme Be Mice Elf


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